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KYC Rewards

Simply complete the KYC verification when you register and receive a $3 in coupon right off the bat.




Spot Trading Rewards

You will receive a $50 in coupon if your total spot trading volume reaches 100,000 USDT.

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Trading Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

Make your first deposit and make sure that no withdrawal or transfer is made in the account within 5 days. Do all this, and you'll receive a fee-reduction reward of up to $4,000.

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Spot Trading Rewards

You will receive a $10 in coupon if your total spot trading volume reaches 1,000 USDT.
Additionally, you can earn a $50 in coupon if your total spot trading volume reaches 10,000 USDT.

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Institution Upgrade Rewards

You will receive $500 in coupon if you upgrade your account to Institutional.

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Rule Description

1. Trading bonus: Trading bonus can offset transaction fees, losses and funding fees. Trading bonus can also be used as a margin to open a position.

2. Coupon: Coupons can offset spot trading fees, and expire after 21 days. Coupons only take effect after the user completes the tasks.

3. Deposit rewards are only applicable to on-chain deposit or fiat deposit, excluding internal transfers within the platform. The rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after you make your first deposit. Please make sure that the deposited funds are kept in your USDT account until the trading bonus and coupons are distributed.

4. Tiered rewards for first-time deposit

5. Trading rewards: The rewards will be calculated by the trading volume of an order. If there are multiple transactions under one order, each trading reward will be credited in chronological order. Each reward can only be claimed once.

6. Distribution: All rewards will be distributed directly to the Rewards Center and notify you directly on Etherlise website and App.

7. Etherlise reserves the right to final interpretation of the trading bonus and coupon. If any malicious behaviour is detected, the platform has the right to take disciplinary action against the account involved to recover any losses.

Rule Description

1. When and where can I see the rewards?

The deposit rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after you complete KYC and make a deposit. The coupons will be automatically distributed after you complete KYC. The rewards and coupons you receive can be found in “My Rewards”

2. How to use trading bonus?

(1) The trading bonus can be directly used to trade on Spot,offset transaction fees/losses/funding fees and acts as margin to open a position.
(2) When used to offset transaction fees, the trading bonus will not be counted into the total transaction fees for commission rebate.
(3) When used to offset losses, the trading bonus needs to meet the following requirements: Current equity at the time of closing the position<(initial + accumulated deposits+the remaining of the trading bonus); The initial and accumulated deposits will be calculated immediately after the trading bonus is claimed. If you claim another trading bonus after the previous one is used up, then the calculation will start when the new fund is claimed.
(4) Any transfer/withdrawal of trading bonus will cause the unused trading bonus to be invalid
(5) If such void caused by the transfer-out leads to deleveraging (liquidation) or inability to maintain an open position, please handle the issue before further operations.

3. Where can I use the coupon?

You can use coupons to offset spots trading transaction fees, which expires after 21 days

4. Why some of the unclaimed benefits would show "Received" or "Claimed"?

We update our benefits from time to time. If you have received a benefit in the previous edition, the status would be "Received", meaning it will not be redistributed or reclaimed

5. Why can't I participate in the campaign?

Users registered with the same IP or device might be deemed as a single user and therefore cannot receive rewards